The Pretty Wings Chronicles

The Pretty Wings Chronicles will be a series that focuses on sensitive subject matter. It will delve into issues such as love, hate, race, sexuality, and disabilities. It will force you to look at the things that make us different, and how even despite our differences we are all the same.

In the first novel of the series, Surviving Harmony you will be introduced to several characters.  The following characters from book one will receive a novel of their own in, The Pretty Wings Chronicles:

Book 1: Aislin (pronounced Ash-lyn) & Taylor
Book 2: James & Tangy
Book 3: Chase
Book 4: Revist Aislin & Taylor
Book 5: Scarlett
Book 6: Jason
The book order may not stay the same. New characters will be introduced throughout the series, and depending on how much they touch my soul, they may gain a book of their own as well.  I love to hear from my fans, so if there is a character you love, that I haven't highlighted to have their story told, shoot me an email at :

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