Cpp liquid rocket lab

CPP's Liquid Rocket Lab was part of the reason I decided to go to Cal Poly Pomona. The program is a hands on project with the goal of being the first university to reach space with a liquid rocket designed, built, and launched by students.

I was lucky enough to join the team during my first year at CPP and have been on the team ever since. My role on the team has ranged from launch vehicle CAD & manufacturing, to test stand structures & manufacturing lead, to finally team deputy.

Sample work & Pictures

Some of my favorite pictures are from when we were on campus. The whole team is excited to go back.

challenges faced

I don't think it's typical for the average person to think about the challenges associated with liquid rocket engines, and everything related to them. It seems like at every corner, there is a challenge that the team faces. What's important is that we have learned to overcome and face them as a team.

The 2020 pandemic came with a ton of challenges, but we made the most of it and used the time to verify our procedure, work, and methodology. We're moving into the next phases of the project which will allow the team to test our rocket engines, which is one step closer to our ultimate goal.

lessons & skills learned

  • Technical Documentation

  • Computer-Aided Design

  • Structural Analysis

  • Numerical Methods


  • Team Management

  • Drafting & Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

  • Manufacturing

  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams