NASA Projects

I've been lucky enough to be involved in a number of projects that have been funded by NASA, it's always awesome to be able to brag to your mom or sister about the cool things you're doing, especially when NASA is involved.

The latest NASA project I'm involved in is a proposal which at this time is under review. The project focus is to increase thermal performance using a new technology, which can be used in propellant tank applications to reduce cryogenic boiloff. We find out in the next few weeks if we win the proposal.

concept Images

Since our proposal is still under review, I can't share the pictures quite yet. But attached to the right is some conceptual CAD designs that we developed for a small Mars rover. The CAD was developed in Siemens NX and the project allowed me to get certified in the software as a certified designer.

Challenges Faced

As students, we don't exactly learn proposal writing skills until later in our educational career. Most of the challenges faced wasn't the technology or the concept, it was proving the proposed technology was mature. Proposing a new technology takes a lot of time, research, and development to make sure you're delivering a great product.

Lessons & skills Learned

  • Siemens NX

  • Proposal Writing

  • System Verification

  • Development Requirements

  • Team work